Side-lying breastfeeding

Side lying breastfeeding, also known as lying down breastfeeding, offers several benefits for both the mother and the baby. This position can honestly be a life-saver when you are exhausted!

Some of the benefits include:

1. Comfort: Side lying breastfeeding allows the mother/parent to lie down and relax while nursing. This can be particularly beneficial for mothers recovering from childbirth or dealing with breastfeeding discomfort.

2. Bonding: This position promotes close physical contact between the mother and the baby, enhancing the bonding experience. The mother can cuddle and snuggle with the baby while breastfeeding, which can help create a strong emotional connection.

3. Rest for the mother/parent: Lying down while breastfeeding can provide the mother with an opportunity to rest and even nap while nursing. This can be especially helpful for mothers who are sleep-deprived. Side-lying breastfeeding while safely co-sleeping can honestly be a life saver!

4. Milk flow: Side lying breastfeeding can help facilitate milk flow, as gravity can assist in the milk reaching the baby’s mouth. This can be particularly beneficial for babies who have difficulty latching or for mothers with an oversupply of milk.

5. Comfort for the baby: This position allows the baby to nurse in a relaxed and comfortable position, which can contribute to a more peaceful and enjoyable feeding experience.

It’s important to note that side lying breastfeeding should be practiced safely to reduce the risk of suffocation. The baby should be placed on a firm mattress or surface, and pillows or blankets should be used to support the mother’s back and provide a barrier between the baby and any gaps or crevices.