Once you have booked an appointment I will send you a breastfeeding history form to complete.  Feel free to write any notes or questions you might have before the appointment. 

During a consultation I will: 

  • Assess your current feeding schedule, breastfeeding position and latch.
  • Assess for any nipple pain, breast problems and milk supply issues.
  • Identify any practical issues and provide evidence based techniques. 
  • Give evidence based advise around pumping, formula feeding and how to use alternative feeding devices if needed. 
  • Formulate a personalised breastfeeding plan.
  • Refer you to another healthcare professional if required. 

To find out more please visit my Services page.

I can help you achieve your feeding goals

I will use an individualised and practical approach to help resolve any feeding issues you have and leave you feeling empowered and supported.