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Milly was fantastic in supporting my breastfeeding journey! I managed to get an appointment with her within 24 hours, and she was so helpful and empathetic throughout the meeting, showing me new feeding positions and ways to latch. The 2 week messaging support she provides post-meeting was also really helpful – she often responds within hours! I cannot recommend Milly enough!

Ran Tao

2 weeks postpartum

Highly recommend Milly! I managed to get an appointment the same day and she came to our house, I felt very comfortable with her helping me and my baby with achieving a good breastfeeding position and latch. Milly was very knowledgeable and with the new techniques I was shown I was able to successfully breastfeed my baby! She was also on hand via messaging for a further 2 weeks with any questions I had.

Zoe Watson

1 week postpartum

Milly was really helpful and supportive during a very difficult time. Would highly recommend her. The appointment was really helpful and the two weeks of ongoing support were great. She was quick to respond and offered great practical advice.

Catherine Philps

5 days postpartum

Milly was great! Very flexible and came out to see us very quickly. Gave great advice about feeding which really made a quick difference and gave first time mum confidence to carry on. Also very responsive on WhatsApp – always there to help with any questions. Thoroughly recommend.


2 weeks postpartum

Milly helped us successfully persevere with our hope to establish breastfeeding. We valued her pragmatic, professional and empathetic approach during those difficult few weeks. She provided wide-ranging useful advice and solutions. Thank you.

Orla gibbons

3 days postpartum

Milly offered such fantastic guidance and support when I needed it most. She was incredibly quick to respond, really kind and empathetic in her approach, and provided invaluable and clear steps for me to take. I only wish I had thought to contact Milly before giving birth so I could have been extra prepared. Would highly recommend!

Harriet Edwards

4 days postpartum

Milly was so reassuring, she visited us on day 3 and gave me loads advice and recommendations which has boosted my confidence in breastfeeding. Her support over WhatsApp has also been so useful to stop the panicked worrying you are doing something wrong!

Megan Hird

3 days postpartum

Highly recommended. Milly made time for us the same day as being contacted and she was so reassuring and empathetic. We came away from the session armed with tips and tricks and renewed confidence. Before speaking to Milly I was afraid I would have to stop breastfeeding but now a few days after the consultation, we’re doing much better

Laura Macek

8 weeks postpartum

Milly was fantastic, after coming across her profile on Instagram, we quickly were able to schedule an at home visit in Walthamstow. Milly was brilliant supporting us in the session, enabling us to practice new positions and giving us really helpful advice on breast and bottle feeding and safe sleeping. She’s still supporting us via WhatsApp as we practice at home! We would highly recommend Milky Starts for your postpartum journey! Her rate is also competitive so don’t hesitate to book!

Katy D

2 weeks postpartum

The time, input and support Milly gave us when our baby arrived was invaluable, I cannot recommend her enough. From birth I really struggled to get baby latch to feed and after a home visit this improved hugely by that same evening. The support following the visit has also been really key to consolidating initial progress. Millys kind and supportive approach was exactly what I needed as new mum. Thank you.

Lauren B

1 week postpartum

Milly was so brilliant with me. I was having issues with an over supply of milk which was exacerbating my baby’s reflux. She was so calming and gave me achievable realistic and straightforward advice that really helped. My baby is now feeding very well and my supply has settled. I can’t recommend Milly enough.


4 weeks postpartum

I absolutely loved working with Milly. I struggled with latching and general confidence with breastfeeding as I was a first time mum. Milly approached things in a really calm, supportive and nurturing way and was completely non-judgmental. She gave me a detailed plan in writing after I saw her which helped serve as a reminder of what I should be looking to do (alongside maternal instinct of course!). A week or so after I saw Milly, we were able to go bottle and formula free (which was our personal goal) with my one week old (who is now three months old) and I’ve now reached the stage where I feel confident enough to feed wherever and whenever (sometimes whilst I’m doing the hoovering or laundry 😂!!). Thanks so much Milly!

Sophie W

3 months postpartum

Milly is a kind and knowledgeable person. I had a lovely experience with her. Not only she was giving me valuable advice but she has always been very compassionate and a great listener. I felt really supported my bf journey and I would strongly recommend her to anyone experiencing bf related issues. Thanks for your incredible support Milly. Silvia


3 days postpartum

Brilliant experience with Milly. She made us feel so much more confident with breastfeeding and has been such a support on what’s app following the session itself. Would highly recommend 🙂


1 week postpartum

Booked twice. Knowledgable, professional and understanding. Helped greatly and very grateful to have been recommended her and had the support when I needed it most. So important to get the help and support early on – recommend highly !


2 days postpartum

invaluable support!



Milly has been utterly amazing at supporting my partner and I feeding our new son. We’ve had some struggles with my milk supply and she’s helped guide us with mixed feeding. She’s been Incredibly supportive and has gone above and beyond to give extra help after our initial visit. Would definitely recommend!!!


3 days postpartum

Amazing service! Worked with us on Christmas Day to solve our issue and our baby became hydrated and happy again!


3 days postpartum

I had an antenatal appointment with Milly and it was the best decision I made for me and my daughter. Her advice was tailor made to my needs and she gave me some very helpful tips. She has a very warm and kind personality and made me feel so at ease and comfortable, as well as being super knowledgeable and professional. She really cares about her patients and I honestly cannot recommend her enough.


36 weeks pregnant

Milly’s clever expert advice and gentle demeanour, put me immediately at ease and calmed my inner anxiety that had been building and building. Her approach towards me and my baby was comforting and I could tell as a mother herself, she had in depth knowledge of my personal experience with feeding. She was able to answer all my questions with detail and openness. I feel every new mother should have a Milly on hand to guide them through the start of feeding. We are so grateful to have Milly for our journey of BF’ing our child.


3 weeks postpartum

Thanks so much Milly! After struggling for 3 weeks trying to get a successful latch you were able to help both myself and daughter to navigate a way through that is comfortable for us both. I’m so happy that I can breastfeed confidently with your advice & coaching. You’ve made a massive difference in my new motherhood journey and I cant thank you enough!


1 week postpartum

Milly is so approachable, helpful and knowledgeable. The session we had with Milly really put us at ease and we’re now well on our way on our breastfeeding journey. Thanks so much Milly.


2 weeks postpartum

Milly is highly helpful and always there for advice whenever you need and whatever the time, even after a visit session! Definitely recommend 🙂


2 weeks postpartum

We have a happy little bubs now who is thriving! You made us feel very comfortable and were so reassuring. Thank you so much, Milly 🙂


7 weeks postpartum

Awesome lactation consultant!


3 days postpartum

I felt like I was getting stuck , with my milk supply, right advice and guidance from Milly, I feel more confident and seeing improvement on milk supply already.


1 month postpartum

Milly was so helpful and reassuring in the lead up to my birth. Being a midwife meant she has that additional skill to put me at ease with any questions I had. I felt completely at ease and would recommend her to anyone starting a breastfeeding journey!


35 weeks pregnant

Milly watched me feed my baby and advised for a better position, better latch and advised on small changes like squeezing my breast. Her advice changed completely my experience around breastfeeding.


3 weeks postpartum

Milly’s attitude was so reassuring and positive and filled me with confidence. I would really recommend a consultation with Milly especially if you are unsure about whether you want to breastfeed.


36 weeks pregnant

Thank you so much Milly, you have been incredible. I appreciate your support and encouragement more than you’ll ever know


1 week postpartum

Milly was so incredibly helpful and reassuring. We were SO lucky to have her


2 days postpartum

I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for everything you did for us. We are so appreciative of your care, kindness and total professionalism


1 day postpartum

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