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Kitty Hawkins
16 hours ago

Milly was so helpful and reassuring in the lead up to my birth with all things breastfeeding and birth. Being a midwife meant she has that additional skill to put me at ease with any questions I had at a time when there is so much information it can feel overwhelming. I felt completely at ease and would recommend her to anyone starting a breastfeeding journey!

I called Milly when my baby was 3 weeks old. We had what I now know was a cluster feeding week and I felt exhausted because my baby was unhappy and crying loads and that was triggering my anxiety and frustration. Milly was available to come immediately the morning after. Milly was able to reassure me that I wasn't doing anything wrong and that I did have enough milk to feed my baby. She watched me feed him and advised for a better position, better latch and advised on small changes like squeezing my breast. Her advice changed completely my experience around breastfeeding. Milly has been available on whatsapp since I saw her with extra advice and support, which has made me feel much less lonely. I would call Milly back any time.

I had a consultation with Milly before I gave birth to my first baby and I am so glad I did. Milly has so much knowledge to share and gave me lots of information and answered my questions in a really non-judgemental way. I felt so ready, confident and well-equipped to start my breastfeeding journey when my baby was born. Milly helped resolve my issues with oversupply after birth and I have had a very positive and successful breastfeeding journey since.

Eva Chambers
2 months ago

Milly is so knowledgeable and caring, and her passion for helping mums to breastfeed happily really shines through! Milly was so helpful in my breastfeeding journey and always supported me with no judgement. I would definitely recommend her!

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