Postnatal home visit

This session will take around 1 hour. I will start by discussing your feeding goals and will then use an evidenced based approach to help you achieve them. I will give you practical support and advice during the consultation. I will always be non-judgemental and compassionate in my approach. 

During the consultation I will 

  • Observe a breastfeed and give you practical support to help improve any problems with your positioning and latch. 
  • Assess your baby’s nappy output, weight gain and other indicators that they are thriving. 
  • Assess your breasts and nipples for common breast and nipple conditions.  
  • Assess your baby for oral restrictions/tongue tie and refer if necessary. 
  • If I suspect any problems with your breasts/ nipples/ your baby I will refer you to your general practitioner. 
  • Discuss evidenced based advice around: pumping, hand expression or formula milk feeding if required. 
  • Discuss your mental health, wellbeing and help you with self-care. 
  • Devise a sustainable feeding plan with you. 

I will always ask for consent before I touch you or your baby. If I need to look inside your baby’s mouth I will always use protective gloves. 

Following the consultation you will receive 

  • An individualised feeding plan. 
  • A package of relevant resources.
  • Email/Whatsapp support for 2 weeks (including photo/video footage). 
  • 20% off a follow up appointment.