Will a lactation cookie increase your milk supply?

Lactation cookies…. What do I think about these? A massive waste of money. Don’t get me wrong, I love cookies! And please eat as many as cookies as you like while you’re breastfeeding. The problem I have with lactation cookies is that they are ridiculously overpriced (they are essentially made of oats and some added spices) and they could prevent a struggling parent seek breastfeeding support. New parents are so vulnerable and can easily become the target or predatory marketing.

•Lactation cookies usually contain oats, flaxseeds, brewer’s yeast and fenugreek (ingredients that some people believe can increase milk supply).

•There is no evidence that lactation cookies increase milk supply. The main way to increase your milk supply is by frequent breastfeeding / pumping.

•A box of lactation cookies can retail from £10-£14 with prescriptions for £50. You can buy oat biscuits for about £1 is most supermarkets…

•Fenugreek should be avoided by breastfeeding mums with hypothyroidism or diabetes as it could potentially lower their milk supply.

•’Lactation cookies’ are actually really easy to make and contain cheap ingredient. Ingredients like oats are a feel good food and could boost oxytocin and help relax you.

•I’m 100% not against biscuits while you’re breastfeeding. Eat as many as you like and if you feel like lactation cookies are helpful you can keep eating them – they are unlikely to cause you harm.

•If you are worried about your milk supply the best thing you can do is reach out for lactation support before buying any ‘milk enhancing’ products

Milly (IBCLC, Midwife)