Why does breastfeeding make you hungry and put on weight?

Why is breastfeeding making you ravenous?!

Of course breastfeeding burns lots of calories, but some breastfeeding women are left feeling frustrated because they are constantly starving whilst putting on weight. There are actually complex hormonal and physiological reasons for breastfeeding making you so hungry. 🍔

•Increased Energy Expenditure: Producing breast milk requires a significant amount of energy. Your body needs extra calories to produce, maintain, and transport milk to baby.

•Hormonal Changes: Breastfeeding triggers the release of the hormone prolactin. Prolactin can also affect appetite, leading to increased hunger in some individuals.

•Dehydration: Breastfeeding causes your body to need more fluids. Drinking more fluids can make you feel hungry, as your body may interpret the increased fluid intake as a need for more energy

•Nutrient Demands: Your body needs a steady supply of nutrients to produce high-quality milk. As a new parent we are often eating processed and sugary foods (as we are tired ♥️) which means are body continues to crave the necessary nutrients.

•Emotional and Psychological Factors: The act of breastfeeding and the emotional connection with your baby can also trigger feelings of hunger. Many parents use food as a form of comfort and stress reliever in the postpartum period.

•Sleep Deprivation: New parents often experience disrupted sleep… Sleep deprivation can affect hormones that regulate appetite, making you feel hungrier and possibly increasing your calorie intake. It’s essential to listen to your body and respond to feelings of hunger while breastfeeding. BUT stress & sleep deprivation often make us crave sugary, processed foods which isn’t great for our blood sugar levels and doesn’t satisfy our hunger long term. If you are struggling with eating well (and you are not alone). I highly recommend you reach out to https://www.newspringnutrition.co.uk/ – a fantastic postpartum dietitian who can help you .